My name is Max,  I am a 32-year old engineer. I grew up playing with Lego and I am deeply convinced that it influenced my interest for science and engineering, but more broadly for learning. Now a few years later and being a father, I enjoy teaching science, robotics, engineering or even art using Lego bricks to young curious minds. Back in 2010 I founded Brickscientist, and with the help of a few friends and volunteers we have been busy bringing smiles and interests to children from all over the World.


Lego bricks certainly enhance social skills as they induce collaborative playing. But more important, in most countries, the education systems only recognize one type of intelligence and children with special abilities outside the regular scope of education are left with no medium to express themselves.

We believe that Lego can play a role in letting children express their skills, by acting as a communication channel. Difficult subjects can also be practically taught by teachers using Lego as it immediately catches the attention of the classroom, and this is the way-in that teachers need to interest their students.

This is exactly what we do at Brickscientist…